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Video Results for Northern Lights Tour

Iceland Trip Northern Lights, Gullfoss Waterfall, Blue Lagoon, Snowmobile
by randomevents - 9/26/2011
Spectacular Norway Northern Lights
by NationalGeographic - 3/21/2012
March 21, 2012 — Multicolored curtains of light fill the skies over northern Norway in a new time-lapse video made from aurora images taken this month. Filmm...
Northern Lights Tours in Iceland
by arcticrafting - 8/23/2013
Head out into one of the pitch-black Icelandic winter nights and enjoy the silence in our remote nature while taking a look at the breathtaking Aurora Boreal...
Northern lights tour in Alberta
by AdventureWorldAU - 11/4/2013
Experience the wonder of the Northern Lights. Known as "the ghost dancing in the sky" in the native North American language of Cree -- this is one of the mos...
Amazing Northern Lights Time Lapse
by NationalGeographic - 1/26/2009
The Northern Lights are one of nature's most spectacular visual phenomena, and in this time lapse video they provide a breathtaking display of light, shape, ...
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