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DIRECTV My Account
by DIRECTV - 4/7/2014
Get the most out of your entertainment experience. Creating a directv.com account opens the door to a multitude of entertainment possibilities. Set your DVR ...
by kwhoffman1 - 3/1/2014
Direct TV took $1129.81 out of my account without authorization! We never signed anything for a bank draft, etc. We used our debit card for a one time trans...
Football on your Phone - Manning Brothers Music Video
by DIRECTV - 8/6/2013
- Is your phone for calling? Or is it for footballing? Watch this video starring Peyton and Eli Manning to find out. Become the world's...
HowTo watch YouTube on DirecTV FREE!
by Xrm150 - 5/24/2011
PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO! "Like" it, thumbs up, or just tell a friend. I think this is pretty darn cool! I just found this out while searching for a show on D...
Direct TV - Liars & Thieves - Rip Off Warning
by PhatTaxi - 5/19/2011
Please share this video as much as possible to help warn your friends about DirectTV & to utilize the true Power of the Internet against this type of behavio...
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