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DIRECTV My Account
by DIRECTV - 4/7/2014
Get the most out of your entertainment experience. Creating a directv.com account opens the door to a multitude of entertainment possibilities. Set your DVR ...
by kwhoffman1 - 3/1/2014
Direct TV took $1129.81 out of my account without authorization! We never signed anything for a bank draft, etc. We used our debit card for a one time trans...
The TV Watches You-Direct T.V  (Facebook Removed This From My Wall)
by aaishasmusic1963 - 10/18/2013
A FB group promoting activism posted this picture in 2011 or the beginning of 2012 and I couldn't tag it so I copied it and uploaded the picture to my Deiona...
An update and a bit of a warning [a.k.a. NEVER get directv]
by Dcsensai - 12/20/2013
It's with a heavy heart im having to make this. well unfortunately life throws you a curveball or twelve. after a bit of hardship i decided to get directv fr...
Stream Direct TV - How To Watch Live TV on My Computer
by nextgenerationRnB - 11/15/2010
Stream Direct TV Software Review @ Stream Direct TV allow you to watch TV on demand, no more bills or fees, unlimited an.
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